Kroeyer Pedersen,
State-authorized Public Accountants

Top dynamic

Kroyer Pedersen is a modern and independent auditing company, offering a full range of financial management, audit, analyses, and advice to enterprises of all types and sizes. And no matter who you are, our efforts are always aiming at a dynamic and close, personal relationship in order to establish credibility and value to your business. And satisfaction to you. No less.

Strong and reliable

With roots that are 75 years old, and with offices in Holstebro and Struer, we have built a solid basis and a strong network. A basis and a network that are constantly being expanded, and today the company has national as well as international relations and connections. Both in terms of customers and of core skills.

Our philosophy

Apart from providing personal advice, our philosophy is to possess the necessary resources at all times, enabling us to offer highly qualified assistance within accounting, auditing, and consultancy in the fields of tax, tax planning and financial advice, including company formation, investment and reconstruction.

We have chosen to remain independent of the large foreign-dominated accountancy firms, and instead to place emphasis on service and personal commitment to our customers. But via cooperation with independent tax experts and partnerships with other Danish and foreign accountancy firms, we have made sure that we can provide the same special facilities as the big firms.


All of the company's state-authorized public accountants are members of the Danish Institute of State-Authorized Public Accountants, whose objects include ensuring that members' work is of a very high quality via a quality control system operated by the association, a comprehensive training programme, and the distribution of all new relevant acts etc.

Kroeyer Pedersen is a member of RevisorGruppen Danmark, an association of independent, state-authorized public accountancy firms comprising 24 such firms throughout the nation with a total of approximately 260 state-authorized public accountants and about 1600 employees. This association is collaborating with the highly esteemed tax consultancy firm ReviTax, allowing us to provide specialist advice at the highest level within taxation.

Products and services

Kroeyer Pedersen offers assistance within all areas of chartered accountancy. Our products and services are adapted precisely to our clients' needs and the size and the sector of the company.


Our auditing of annual accounts is based on the most accurate planning and effective tools. We have developed a collection of auditing manuals, which are constantly adapted to changes in the law and auditing guidelines, and which ensure the highest possible level of quality in accordance with sound auditing practice.

The quality of our work is regularly controlled by the Danish Institute of State-Authorized Public Accountants and by representatives from the "RevisorGruppen Danmark". Our use of the latest techniques ensures our clients a fast and efficient audit.

Preparation of annual accounts

Our constantly updated information ensures that the accounts which we review or prepare, are in accordance with statutory requirements and current auditing guidelines, and of course sound accounting principles.

Kroeyer Pedersen is well-known for these qualities, and for the fact that our accounts are both easy to understand and informative, ensuring that the reader and the world at large have confidence in our product.

We are happy to assist with the preparation of annual and interim accounts, with as well as without auditing. We provide advice on taxation, so that the relevant tax acts are used to maximum benefit. Furthermore we advice whether the client's accounting procedures are properly arranged.

Bookkeeping assistance

For those companies which lack the capacity to keep their own bookkeeping system, we handle bookkeeping, VAT returns, payroll administration, and corporate reporting, etc.


Kroeyer Pedersen possesses the latest computer hardware and software for preparation of budgets, which clearly set out future expectations.

The preparation of budgets is carried out in close cooperation with the client, making the budgets express exactly the client's expectations of the future. Essential parts of our budgets are a written conclusion, and a description of the premises of the budget.

To make the budgets as informative as possible, we use the same layout and accounting principles as used at the preparation of the annual accounts.

Taxes and duties

As to tax issues, we advise individuals, enterprises, corporations, foundations as well as other types of enterprises. That means that we have a profound knowledge of Danish and international taxation respectively.

We have a similar profound knowledge in terms of VAT and other duties which get more and more important concurrently with the increasing importance of indirect taxes and duties.

Setting up in Denmark

We have comprehensive experience in assisting foreign enterprises setting up in Denmark, including the composition of corporate structures.

Subsequent to enterprises having been set up, we offer our assistance as to the administration of the companies, including bookkeeping, VAT returns, payroll and corporate reporting, etc. Additionally, we prepare annual reports and tax returns.

Business advice – support in decisions

Many years' experience from our close collaboration with and advisory services to numerous business leaders, combined with our on-going in-service training, have made our business consultancy one of Kroeyer Pedersen's most significant areas of work.

We attach great importance to close, personal collaboration with our clients, carefully taking individual needs and wishes into consideration. We often act as sparring partners for the management.

In both financial and tax terms, we have the tools and the knowledge to describe the consequences of planned courses of action.

Our advisory service comprises the following areas:
Budgeting, financing, taxation, advent of generations, purchase and sale of company, company reconstruction, and establishment abroad.


In order to provide the most efficient and competitive advisory service possible, we currently gather, analyse, and monitor relevant case material for the benefit of our customers. Via our newsletter "Facit" ("The Bottom Line"), which is published at least four times a year, all of our customers are furthermore provided with information on new laws and other issues relevant to their businesses.

We should be pleased to forward our publication "Doing Business in Denmark".




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